We offer membership tiers based on individual need. Feel free to reach out for questions or personalized offers.

Students & Young Professionals Academics, Non-profit, Artists & Craftsmen, Individual and Social/Community Entrepreneurs Silver Gold Platinum
Annual membership fee CAD$24 CAD$75 CAD$200 CAD$500 CAD$1000
CGCC Committee membership
Database exchange for employment opportunities
Invitations to business networking events
Discounted admission to the non-exclusive Chamber events
Use the CGCC Member Icon on email signatures, online profiles, or printed material
Number of individuals granted membership benefits 1 1 1 2 3
Assist in facilitating travel planning and entry visa processing
Introductory Article in the CGCC Newsletter
Periodically highlited on our webpage
Eligibility to attend members only exclusive Chamber events
Company logo and company link on the CGCC website
Discounts on registration on additional participants to Chamber events
Opportunities to publish quarterly member editorial on the CGCC Blog page
One News/Promo Article per year in the CGCC Newsletter
Opportunities to co-host events and seminars
Number of free searches and/or direct company introductions 1 2
Priority invitations to VIP exclusive, "invitation-only" events with one complementary pass 1 2
Company logo featured on the CGCC newsletter
One free annual mass email of approved advertising/company material to CGCC members
Priority seating during CGCC events
Priority consideration to introduce the guest speaker at special events
Priority consideration to be a speaker at special events
Annual strategic planning/consulting meeting with the CGCC Executives
Website video placement opportunities
Discounted customized promotion opportunities for your company
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